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BJI Newsletter, Nov. 2008, #106

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There are two limited-time offers I've arranged for BJI subscribers in this issue. The first is a 34% discount off the retail price of the new 2009 edition of the American Casino Guide. This is the #1 best selling casino gambling book (600,000 copies sold). I use this book more than any other book in my library (for the reasons, read Steve Bourie's article in this issue). The retail price of the 2009 edition is $18.95 (and worth every penny); until November 25tth you can purchase the book for only $12.50 through BJI. Use just one of the 224 tear-out coupons contained in the book, and you can easily recoup the price of the book. Makes a great gift for the holidays and you can purchase as many copies as you would like at this special discount! Click here to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Our second limited-time special is the long-awaited Golden Touch Blackjack DVD featuring Speed Count. Watch as Frank Scoblete explains how to keep the Speed Count from one round to the next as a professional dealer deals the cards. For more info on the DVD and the special price, click here.

As always, this issue of the BJI is loaded with interesting and valuable information for blackjack players. Joe Pane recently played in a blackjack tournament at IP (Biloxi), and although he didn't win it, he explains how Robert Blechman (who won the tournament) parlayed his $50,000 first place prize into almost $80,000 before leaving town. Ever ask yourself this question: "why does card counting work?" Check out Michael Shackleford's article for the answer and his challenge to blackjack players everywhere. You hit your hand by the basic playing strategy yet you often lose more times than you win. Alan Krigman explains why. There have been a few changes in the blackjack conditions in Atlantic City, and Frank Scoblete and his team of reporters will point you to the casinos that currently offer the best blackjack game. Tournament Pro Kenneth Smith provides an analysis of a specific tournament hand to determine if it was best to double down or not. Casino critic LVBear has been growling a lot lately and we have his latest growls in this issue (must read). Many blackjack players are learning video poker and/or dice control. We've got an expert on each game to provide you with strategies that can help you master each game and play with the edge: Jean Scott explains how to be a good scout when you play video poker, and Jerry "Stickman" describes the best place to stand, and how to stand, before you toss the dice. If you play poker, you better know about continuation bets; poker expert Bill Burton explains. Lastly, we've got a summary of upcoming blackjack tournaments in different regions of the U.S. courtesy of

We've also arranged for a special BJI reader discount on Frank Scobelete's World Casino Championships, August 14 -16 in 2009, brought to you by the fine folks at Golden Touch. The WCC 2009 includes over $75,000 in cash prizes for attendees in a variety of casino game competitions and tournaments! The normal sign-up price is $699, but we've arranged a special $50 discount for all BJI readers: (or, call 1-800-944-0406/1-866-SET-DICE and ask for the $649 BJI discount price). But you need to hurry... this offer is set to expire by the end of November.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Henry Tamburin

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    BJI Newsletter, November 2008, #106
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    Henry Tamburin


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    "World Class Tournament Player Robert Blechman recently won the IP Biloxi blackjack tournament and received $25K in cash plus $25K in promo chips. The latter has an expected value of $12.5K, so Robert should have left town with $37.5K. Instead, he left with almost $80K. Hmmm. Interesting isn't it?..."

    Read Pane's complete article.

    WHY DOES CARD COUNTING WORK? by Michael "Wizard of Odds" Shackleford

    "Every card counter knows that tens and aces favor the player, and small cards favor the dealer. But why is this true? Many blackjack books have touched on this. This article seeks to take the topic a little deeper, and challenge the blackjack community to further expand this topic..."

    Read Shackleford's complete article.


    "By adhering to Basic Strategy and betting the same amount every round, or varying wagers pretty much by guess or by gosh, solid citizens can hold the house advantage (or edge) to about 0.40 and 0.43 percent in six- and eight-deck games respectively. These figures are good to know if only to impress your friends and in-laws. Unfortunately, they tend to be abstractions and don't contribute much to players' comprehension or anticipation of the ebb and flow of a session..."

    Read Krigman's complete article.

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    ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Frank and Alene Scoblete

    "The latest playing conditions in Atlantic City and Frank Scoblete's analysis of sex in Sin City and AC..."

    Read Scobletes' complete article.


    "A friend called me recently to describe a final hand situation from a tournament he had played. He was curious about the relative merits of two different strategies. It seems like answering these kinds of questions always leads me to an interesting discovery or two. This time was no exception..."

    Read Smith's complete article.


    "More growls from casino-critic LVBear covering his Reno-area casino death watch list, a Laughlin Sportbook accused of cheating, a DA sweeping Harrah crimes "under the rug," Luck's Sportbook revisited, and more..."

    Read LVBear's complete article.

    Smart Gaming web site


    "To help players keep their sanity and find the best VP games in any casino, I offer this Video Poker Scout's Guide to the Multi Millennium..."

    Read Scott's complete article.

    DICE CONTROL 101: WHERE AND HOW TO STAND by Jerry "Stickman"

    "There are several components to dice control, and all of them must be mastered to obtain an edge at the craps table. The Dice Control 101 series will cover them all. In this installment, where and how to stand will be explained..."

    Read Stickman's complete article.


    "The new 2009 edition of the American Casino Guide has just been released and we have a special offer for all Blackjack Insider subscribers, which allow them to order the book at a special reduced price. But first, Henry asked me to give some background information on the book to those of you who may not be familiar with it..."

    Read Bourie's complete article.

    Poker Drill Master for Windows


    "In Texas Holdem, betting a flop that doesn't help you, after you raised pre-flop, is known as a continuation bet. For example, supposed you raised pre-flop with Ace-King and the flop contained three small cards. If you are first to act, you would bet even though the flop missed you. You are continuing with the ruse that you raised before the flop with a big pocket pair. Hence the name continuation bet..."

    Read Burton's complete article.


    Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments in November and December by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report courtesy of

    Read our tournament schedule.

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