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By Joe Pane


Joe Pane is a skilled advantage blackjack player, and an experienced tournament player who has won over a million dollars in blackjack tournaments. Joe is the #1 ranked tournament player in the countr and was named 2007 Player of the Year by Las Vegas Advisor publisher Anthony Curtis. In Joe's last 11 tournaments in 2007-2008, he made the final tables eight times and won two of them for an impressive 73% final table appearance rate with just over $225,000 won in the past 12 months. Joe is also the Assistant Director of Tour Operations for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT), as well as the Team UBT Coordinator. He is co-host of the radio show, "Queens vs. Kings – It’s All About Position" on His peers consider him to be one of the strongest and most feared blackjack tournament players on the circuit.


Casinos and skilled Tournament Players are just like The Hatfields and The McCoys, two groups who will never get along, or like The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox, who are always trying to get a leg up on each other by making the other guys take a step in the wrong direction. Casinos try every counter-measure they can think up to discourage us poor, hard-working tournament players from even daring to enter into their gauntlet to earn an honest buck.

You see, casinos are slaughter houses for at least 99% of the players/fish that dare to enter and play their games by their rules. Now, making money on 99%+ of the customers who walk through the doors is a dream for which any big corporation or small business would gladly give-up their first born. But when it comes to casinos, every customer must be taken down to zero and busted. Poor is not poor enough! Greedy, overzealous procedures are commonplace in the casino industry, and when they get the short-end of their own greedy stick, it’s just a case of justice being served.

When the "Bear" steps around the trap that’s laid out by the casino (aka slaughterhouse), the Bear Trapper is not happy to say the least! He just lost his prize trophy (a nice, shiny, soft, new Bearskin rug) that he would bring to the next casino suit-meeting to brag to his colleagues, "Look what I bagged this weekend…another skilled Tournament Player." This is a player that dared to venture into our casino and play our tournament, which was designed to discourage him from coming out here in first place, but if he should accidentally win, we’ll only pay him 50% of the prize pool with chips that have a value of less than 50 cents on the dollar (we got him coming and going).

But, here’s one huge mistake you made Mr. Greedy casino executive. These Bears are not like the cartoon character bears Yogi and Boo Boo from Jellystone Park, who will be satisfied with just a small, spawning-salmon sandwich, served-up in a cute pic-a-nic basket. No, this Bear wants a big bite out of your ass and your casino cage, you know…where you hold all the big, juicy, fresh salmon you have taken from all your unsuspecting customers that actually believe they have a "FAIR" chance to beat you. The ones who say, "Yeah, I like to play Roulette. It’s fun. It’s like a coin-flip. You win half the time!" Yeah, right!

Let me first give you the background into why this trap was set up...

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