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Blackjack Reports

Each issue of the Blackjack Insider includes detailed reports on casino conditions from select locations, as well as current reports on blackjack tournaments. We collect the most current condition reports and put them here for easy access!

Casino Reports

Our experts report on what's hot and what's not at the gaming tables in these locations. These are the latest reports from the most current issues of Blackjack Insider.

Las Vegas, May 2016

Las Vegas, May 2016

Atlantic City, May 2016

Pennsylvania, May 2016

Kansas, Apr. 2016

Pittsburgh, Apr. 2016

Phoenix, Feb. 2016

Florida, Jan. 2016

Oklahoma, Dec. 2015

New York, Dec. 2015

Maine, Nov. 2015

St. Louis, Oct. 2015

Rhode Island, Oct. 2015

Connecticut, Sept. 2015

Reno, Jun. 2015

Tunica, May 2015

Colorado Apr. 2015

Midwest (Chicago), Feb. 2015

Iowa, Nov. 2014

Puerto Rico, Oct. 2014

Laughlin, Sept. 2014

Seattle, June 2014

Pennsylvania #2, May 2014

London England, May 2014

Albuquerque, Apr. 2014

Tucson, Mar. 2014

California, Oct. 2013

California/Arizona, Sept. 2013

Carson City, July 2013

Lake Tahoe, June 2013

West Virginia, Mar. 2013

Minneapolis, Oct. 2012

Biloxi, Aug. 2012

Wisconsin, Aug. 2012

Cleveland, July 2012

Wendover, Jan. 2012

Greece, Jan. 2012

South Dakota, Dec. 2010


Mississippi, May 2010

South Carolina, Jan. 2010

Tournament Reports

Our experts scout the blackjack tournament circuit and report back on the latest opportunities.

Blackjack Tournaments, Nov. 2012

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