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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, Februrary 2004, #49


If you're like me you still haven't filed your income tax return even though April 15th is looming on the horizon. The IRS expects you to report your gambling wins and losses. Do you know how to do this so that if you ever get audited by Uncle Sam you'll have the right documentation? Don't fret because we've got some help for you. Jean Scott, co-author of the new book, Tax Help For The Frugal Gambler, offers some helpful advice for the rest of us in her insightful article. LV Pro visited Sin City in December and this issue contains the second part of his trip report (it was a struggle but any win is a win). Our Las Vegas blackjack reporter, Captain John, is undergoing treatment for a medical condition and we wish him well. In his absence, LV Tournament Pro reports on the playing conditions that he found in several of the Las Vegas local's casinos in the Northwest side of town (you'll be pleasantly surprised by what he found). We welcome our newest blackjack reporter, JPB, a skilled advantage player who reports on playing conditions in the Kansas City area casinos. When it comes to blackjack tournaments a 'lock" is every players dream. Kenneth Smith explains what this means and how to avoid misplaying a sure thing. We get lots of good questions on blackjack from our astute subscribers and this month Dan Pronovost presents a collection of interesting questions with answers. Finally Kenneth Smith, host of, presents a summary of upcoming major blackjack tournaments.

Golden Touch Blackjack

The response to date for our 2-day Golden Touch Blackjack course featuring the revolutionary Speed Count has exceeded our expectations. In just two days of training average blackjack players will have the edge over the casinos using this new advantage-play technique. The course will be taught by yours truly and Frank Scoblete. If you want to attend please sign up quickly to reserve a spot. Remember subscribers to the Blackjack Insider Newsletter receive a special 20% introductory discount. For details on the course and information on Speed Count including a review by Michael Shackleford (aka The Wizard of Odds, click here. Call, toll free 1-886-WIN-BJ21, to sign up now, or visit the GTB web site:

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Henry Tamburin



"What should I do about those W2G's when I hit a big jackpot at a casino? What gambling records does the IRS require me to keep? What is a gaming diary? Is there a possibility I am paying more taxes on my gambling wins than I need to?.."

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a great Blackjack portal


"When I returned to the casino floor, I noticed an empty $10 double-deck table that they were just opening. I was heads-up for the first twenty minutes before a second and third player joined. I had no luck whatsoever trying to induce Francisco (not his real name) to deal deeper. In fact he mentioned it to a floorman as I cringed inside..."

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"I don't normally go to the casinos located on the northwest side of town. But after seeing some very good blackjack playing conditions there, I'll probably will be driving over to that side of town more often to play blackjack..."

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Las Vegas Advisor


"Skilled blackjack players that are tired of being harassed, backed-off, and read the trespass act (or worse) may find solace in the Kansas City casinos where a card counter cannot be barred. Nor can the casinos enforce a betting limit that is applied unilaterally to a card counter (the limit must apply to the entire table). Both Harrah's and Ameristar were fined for trying to impose such limits..."

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DON'T OVERLOOK A LOCK by Kenneth Smith

"Occasionally in a tournament round, you're fortunate enough to be a sure thing to advance, a lock. In this month's article, I'll show you several different ways that sure-win situations arise. You don't want to overlook a lock, and cost yourself a tournament round by misplaying a sure thing..."

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 Blackjack Training software for handhelds and Windows


"As Production Editor for Blackjack Insider, I have the privilege of seeing all content before it is published. Part of this production process is the Question and Answers e-mails we get on a regular basis. This article is a collection of interesting questions we've received over the years from our astute readers. We hope you find them as interesting as much as we did when we received them!..."

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Smart Gaming web site


"Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report..."

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