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by Vinny DeCarlo


Vincent DeCarlo is a retired veteran casino man with over 20 years of upper management experience. His expertise covers the pit, security, surveillance and he even served as a General Manager for two different casinos. Currently, Vinny travels the states as a freelance reporter and a personal consultant to many Indian casinos. According to Vinny DeCarlo, there are two types of casino employee people; those that know him, and those that claim to know him, so, never believe what you hear.


Note: Part 1 of this series appeared in the February issue of BJI.

The first surveillance cameras were hand-held ‘family’ type projection cameras. The film was much like the typical 35mm camera film, and it had to be well cared for when stored as evidence. It was proof and classified as "evidence" but it required more maintenance and attention (had to be kept locked in a dry area, etc.) than that Paris Hilton girl.


The "Ambassador Camera" most agents had to deal with. Note the "Pistol" grip that, if still in production, would be banned in CA J

Setting up our surveillance playback equipment in a courtroom was a real Three Stooges Act with trying to level the projector and praying that the bulb didn’t ignite and melt the tape during the ‘evidence’ portion of the film. Then we had to open up and stand up the projection screen, which, for one reason or another, didn’t want to cooperate as long as there were jurors in the box or an audience of any sort. I was like dealing with a possessed umbrella. Some of the judges would get so angry and we felt that we lost the case before we could show the evidence. I remember walking out of the courtroom with my boss after several such episodes. Half way to the truck he stopped, grabbed me by my tie and said, "I don’t ever want to be embarrassed like that again, ever, understand?" Hell, the same thing would happen the next week. Just par for the course, I guess.

Both the GCB and the casino owners and general managers wanted a ...

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