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by Vinny DeCarlo


Vincent DeCarlo is a retired veteran casino man with over 20 years of upper management experience. His expertise covers the pit, security, surveillance and he even served as a General Manager for two different casinos. Currently, Vinny travels the states as a freelance reporter and a personal consultant to many Indian casinos. According to Vinny DeCarlo, there are two types of casino employee people; those that know him, and those that claim to know him, so, never believe what you hear.


History sometime reveals things that we are happy to learn while at other times, it has the power to embarrass us as a person or an entire group. It was not my intention to do either. I am just telling it like it is, and I hope you find it entertaining.

It is important to mention that back in the ole days, the Mormon Bank (a.k.a., The Valley Bank) was one of the largest financiers of "Sin City", even though the Mormons themselves refused to partake in gambling, drinking, smoking and, shall we say the ladies. Nevertheless, they did accept the profit from gambling and utilized the money to boost their holding in property, stockpiled food, guns, ammo, etc. They hoarded water, food, and land, and started schools, churches, colleges, a financial fund that could help to sustain their brothers and sisters in hard times with most of the funds coming from the early day sinners of Las Vegas, with their gambling, prostitution, alcohol, drugs, etc.

The Mormons, under the leadership of John Smith, had been prosecuted, murdered, and chased out of almost every settled community east of the Mississippi; therefore, they decided to head west. Small troops stayed in the Las Vegas area in an attempt to farm and settle the area (because the area was believed to be unfit for any living thing), while the others moved on towards Utah. After awhile, the Mormons gave up on the unbearable weather conditions in Las Vegas and the troop headed north to their new home, Salt Lake City, were they finally planted roots. Though they continued to finance Las Vegas, it was always on the hush-hush.

Casinos began to come into their own with profit coming in hand over fist. Only problem was...

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