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What Casinos Don't Want You to Know
(and what they HATE that we're telling you!)

An Insider's Secrets for Card Counters
By Vinny DeCarlo

How To Beat Casino Surveillance

" "Know your enemies weakness and you'll be able to gain the edge over them." "

From this fundamental truth, maverick Vinny DeCarlo created the ultimate guide for card counters on how to "get away with the money." For the first time, Vinny reveals insider secrets of casino surveillance--a goldmine of knowledge for the advanced player!

Tapping into his 27 years in the casino industry, many in surveillance, DeCarlo unveils behind-the-scenes information on the strengths and weaknesses of TWENTY-FIVE Las Vegas casinos AND their ability to catch card counters. A master card counter himself, DeCarlo knows how to take advantage of casino loopholes to avoid detection while beating them at their own games. Now you can too with the never-before-published information contained in his book.

What You Get

  1. Twenty-five specific casino reports summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of each casino's surveillance and security departments, including the casino supervisors working in the pit. With this inside information, you'll know when to play and how to play to avoid detection. (click here for a list of the 25 casinos).
  2. Over two dozen solid tips on how a card counter should play to "fly under the casino radar."
  3. Exclusive insider information on what casino surveillance employees look for when confronted with a suspected card counter.

Note: this is an e-book that you read on your computer. You can read it immediately after ordering. Print versions are not available.


What the experts are saying...

"When you read Vinny's "Casino Reports," you'll see that he succinctly points out all of the leaks in the dysfunctional (casino) joints and he shows you how to whack them with glee. Having access to this is the kind of intel is unprecedented in the annals of card counting, and if you're a serious player, you need this book." Max Rubin, Blackjack Hall of Fame Member

"... I would rate this book as must reading for any serious advantage player in Las Vegas. This is the best book on surveillance since Cellini's 2003 Card Counter's Guide to Casino Surveillance.", [read the rest of this review] Arnold Snyder, card counting expert and blackjack author

"In the world of advanced play, knowledge is held close to the vest, painstakingly learned and developed over years of trial and error. Some players spend years attempting to build relationships to acquire insider information as to the strengths and weaknesses of certain casinos, their standard operating procedures, their games and dealers... and when best to attack. Much high level or underground knowledge is never revealed... and for good reason. When information is revealed, though, it is, and should be, consumed with reckless abandon. This is the case with Vinny DeCarlo's new e-book How to Beat Casino Surveillance..." [read the rest of this review] Toddler, blackjack expert

" Card counters everywhere rejoice! DeCarlo has blessed us with astonishingly accurate and detailed intelligence on the surveillance departments for twenty-five Las Vegas casinos, especially their weaknesses and how to exploit them. For serious players, this is must-have, unprecedented inside information. Its value is priceless!" Henry Tamburin, blackjack author, writer, and expert

"For a very long time, there hasn't been anything new and different in the world of card counting. But that's about to change. Without a doubt, Vinny’s book is a card counter's dream, an essential resource that every advantage player needs in his tool belt. Vinny's intimate knowledge about the good and the bad in the security network of different casinos will help advantage players know who and when to hit, and how hard to hit them, without getting any heat.", Dan Pronovost, developer of the Speed Count card counting system

"Vinny DeCarlo has worked for the casino in every capacity, mostly in surveillance. He's also played against the casino, using every blackjack counting system known to man. And he missed his calling as a stand-up comedian. So you can trust what he writes in these detailed reports on the top 25 Las Vegas casinos when it comes to the eye, the floor, and security. With How to Beat Casino Surveillance, you'll laugh all the way to the bank.", Deke Castleman, Deke Castleman, author, "Whale Hunt in the Desert"

If you've ever been backed off,
been worried about being backed off,
or don't ever want to be backed off...
you need this book.

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Ordering details

How To Beat Casino Surveillance is 85 pages covering 25 Las Vegas Casinos with insider secrets not available anywhere else. How To Beat Casino Surveillance is only available in electronic format as a PDF document. Nothing is shipped to you. Once you place your order, you can immediately download the e-book to your computer where you can read it, or print a copy (either using your printer or at a local print store such as Kinko's). The e-book is only available in Adobe Acrobat format, and can be read with the free PDF viewer software, available from: Technical assistance is available for customers with questions (e-mail us at No refunds on digital goods, such as this e-book.

Would you be able to focus better on counting--on winning--if you had some surveillance intel on your favorite casino? Vinny does! Click here to get informed!

Editor's note: The Sahara casino has closed since the publication of this e-book.

Click here to buy How To Beat Casino Surveillance now...
only $99 for this unique e-book

The Last Word from Vinny

"Some of you may bitch about the price of this book. I say the odds are good that you will lose what it cost you to purchase this book many times over if you play without knowing and using the information contained in it. Wanna bet who is right?"

"Are you confident when you play blackjack that you're not being watched, counted down, or even seconds-away from being tossed out of the casino? If you're not sure, then you need to read this book and implement all the insider tips that it contains. Because when everything is said and done, it doesn't really matter how skillful you are if the casinos won't let you play. Ain't that the truth?"

Click here to buy How To Beat Casino Surveillance now...
only $99 for this unique e-book

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