"In the world of advanced play, knowledge is held close to the vest, painstakingly learned and developed over years of trial and error. Some players spend years attempting to build relationships to acquire insider information as to the strengths and weaknesses of certain casinos, their standard operating procedures, their games and dealers... and when best to attack. Much high level or underground knowledge is never revealed...and for good reason. When information is revealed, though, it is, and should be, consumed with reckless abandon. This is the case with Vinny DeCarlo's new e-book How to Beat Casino Surveillance.

What Vinny provides in this treatise is your fast track to some of the actionable data on specific Las Vegas casinos which eludes (and has eluded) many players for many years. Want to learn how to play the Bellagio, then make the requisite changes to attack Caesars, all the while staying under the surveillance radar? What should you keep in mind the next time you decide to scout Monte Carlo? How to dress, how to act, what to wear, how to bet, when to play, what to say.....it's all there. What is revealed is not only critical knowledge for counters, but for team players, as well. There is much to be read between the lines.

While reading over this book, one will see the influence of Cellini throughout. If you enjoyed Cellini's revealing and foundational opus, you will appreciate how Vinny has taken the torch from our friend and ran hard, exposing methods and weaknesses many will find inspiring. Folks, he's flat out telling you what to do to win and how to avoid the mine fields at specific Las Vegas casinos.

Why is Vinny doing this? One could argue it was because Henry Tamburin and I took turns putting out cigars on his forehead until he broke, with Max Rubin laughing hysterically at his cries while an endless loop of Captain Beefhart's Trout Mask Replica was blaring in the background. Of course, one would lose that argument. Regardless, Vinny has his reasons and are his to keep. In the end, though, we are the sole beneficiaries with rights of survivorship.

So, here are some additional power keys to the cage cash drawer, fellow players. The keys may only work for so long and the price of admission is inexpensive. Consider the immense amount of time and energy it took to compile this book, along with the 27 years of hard knocks and playing both sides of the table...it's an advantage play with long term EV. This should be required reading for every level of player." Toddler, card counting expert and frequent blackjack forums poster