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Can Blackjack ever break the mainstream the way poker has?

Poker is one of the popular forms of gambling on the planet. From multi-million-pound tournaments to a few friends meeting for a game at the weekend, most people will have had some experience of it during their lifetime. Then there’s the online poker scene which is favoured by millions of players worldwide. Despite all this, online blackjack does provide blackjack some chance of enjoying the same level of mainstream popularity as poker.

Sure, it has got its fans but compared to poker it is small fry. Why is this though? Both games are great fun to play, so it cannot be that. Over the course of this article, we will be uncovering the reasons for blackjack’s lack of mainstream appeal compared to poker, as well as considering whether the situation is likely to change in the future. Without further ado, let us get underway.

What is blackjack?

Before we get started, we should make sure everyone understands exactly what blackjack is. The origins of the game are disputed. While some argue that it has its roots in the French casinos of the 18th century, others suggest that the game in fact stretched all the way back to Ancient Roman times.


Regardless of who invented blackjack, its rules are simple. The player or players compete against the house to draw cards whose numbers add up to 21. After receiving two initial cards, the player has two options, hit, or stand – though the option to split is also available if the two cards have the same value. Hit will see the player draw another card, while stay will see the hold their value. After the player has either opted to stick of gone over 21, it is the dealer’s turn. Whomever is closest to 21 wins. The game, thankfully isn’t overly complicated to discourage new players and with most games these days there are a variety of tools to aid the learning process such as books, video tutorials and software simulators.

Why does poker have more mainstream popularity?

Perhaps the biggest reason for online poker enjoying more mainstream popularity than blackjack is that it is far more dramatic, drawn out game. Each hand of blackjack last for no more than a few minutes, giving very little time for tension to build. Poker matches on the other hand can take hours, with plenty of exciting subplots and narratives emerging for the viewer to enjoy.

This excitement has helped poker build up a loyal following and pick up a string of television broadcasting deals. Blackjack has not been so lucky.

Poker is also much more a game of skill than blackjack. There are many ways to play poker, but all good blackjack players will always play the odds. This is another reason why poker has been able to increase its following and enjoy more mainstream success.

With its low barrier to entry due its simple rules, it is many players first experience at an online casino. It is featured on nearly every iGaming site on the internet and has very impressive player numbers. If these players stick around for the long haul, then blackjack has a chance of breaking through to the mainstream for sure.

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