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'Radar' at asks:

"It's easy to make a grandiose claim when the author runs the numbers of this system...I would think you have a vested interest in giving a glowing account, but, has Don Schlesinger or other notable professionals done the numbers, agrees with your assessment and gives your claims credibility? If not, why not? (You obviously don't have anything to hide?)"

Dan Pronovost replies:

This is a fair question, which to some degree have been answered in various forums including this one, but I'll go into more depth and summarize below:

  • Please visit our 'repository' of forum posts and info on Speed Count... I don't have the time to answer the same questions over and over again everywhere, so I'm collecting posts and relevant facts on Speed Count at:

  • We are currently getting a number of blackjack authorities to review Speed Count. Give us time... it's brand new. Michael Shackleford's official comments are now available at the web page above. Other reviews are in progress, and a few more will come.
  • The reviewer's kit is much, much more than just a description of Speed Count. It includes many spreadsheets showing the FULL simulations results for Speed Count in comparison to HighLow, across most common game variations (decks, rules, etc.). It also includes the full analysis showing the derivation of our OBS (Optimal Basic Strategy). It also includes a mathematical explanation of Speed Count... how it works, why it works. It also includes the actual simulation reports, so reviewers can check the numbers directly.
  • The licensees of Speed Count (GTB) are looking at getting an independent reviews by blackjack simulation programmers. You are correct in that we "have nothing to hide", other than concerns about security, and the system being leaked accidentally or otherwise (hence devaluing the course).
  • You mention Mr. Schlesinger. While it would be improper of me to expose private discussions we've had with him and members of his 'blackjack circle', and I can say such discussions are continuing. We have extended an offer for some members of that specific group to review Speed Count, and to date these offers have been declined. I'll be frank about this... when members of said circle publicly say things about Speed Count such as "it's Bull" and it's "BS" (not meaning Basic Strategy"), especially in regards to our claims to be able to teach it to players in a two-day course giving players a positive edge by counting with SC... well, that makes the licensees of SC (GTB) very hesitant to "open the kimono" to them (also odd given they don't know the system at all yet)! I'll repeat one more time: it ain't my decision who to show SC to, but I agree with our licensees that we have to be very careful in this as well.
  • I will say that there are other simulation experts out there, and discussions are in progress. Also, recognize that conducting a simulation review is time consuming and expensive (any such software product would have to be modified, since SC is so different). Payment for such services is becoming an issue.
  • When Vancura and Fuchs came out with KO, many critics and luminaries said a lot of similar things. KO has stood the test of time, and proven to be a historic evolution of blackjack card counting that lessened the skill required to master card counting. We stand behind our claim that SC brings this bar down much further, while still providing players a very healthy positive edge in the game.

    This post, and others, are available at:
    Dan Pronovost

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