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The Inside Story of Frank Scoblete’s

The Virgin Kiss and Other Adventures

By Melissa Kaplan

Editor's note: What follows is the press release for Frank Scoblete's new book that was sent to 6,000 media contacts in the country. Reading it will give you an idea of what his new book is all about. After the press release is an interview with Frank that contains some insider information about Frank's newest and greatest book.


America's Best-Selling Gaming Author Leaves No Stone Unturned About a Life Lived Beating the Odds!

Frank Scoblete’s near-death experience in 2007 is an apt metaphor for his life, because even after he received Last Rites he came back, better than ever!

And not surprisingly, no one was surprised the gambling phenom beat the odds yet again.

In his riveting memoir, The Virgin Kiss and Other Adventures, Scoblete ponders a life well-lived, both inside and outside the gaming world.

The one-time boxer, playwright, stage actor, and teacher takes off his mirrored sunglasses to show the flip side of living the life of a successful gamer.

Bouncing around through his past, Scoblete ponders getting fat, his first kiss, Astral Traveling, and beating the casinos for 20 years.

Scoblete’s New Yawk bawdiness also touches on his many adventures growing up on the East Coast, his years as a teacher, and how his career as a winning player came to a head when he was banned from a whole state!

Part life manual, part insider guide, The Virgin Kiss is Scoblete’s love letter to a life few ever have the guts to live – funny, charming and, at times, scary!



Frank Scoblete is a true Renaissance man. He has written over 20 books, two plays, countless articles and columns printed throughout the world, is a patent and gaming consultant, was a stage actor for 12 years, and has been the featured speaker at hundreds of symposiums and festivals.

He has also written several television shows for A&E, the Travel Channel and The History Channel.

In addition to his other interests, he has also served as a consultant to IGT, J. Berwin and eGaming Review in England, CNN, the Discovery Channel, ABC, Walter Cronkite, TBS, Silicon Gaming, Mikohn Gaming, Cadallac Jack and the Travel Channel.

He has appeared frequently on television including the History Channel, A&E, the Travel Channel, CNN, TBS, and the National Geographic Channel, among others.

Frank has done hundreds of radio shows throughout the country and his "gaming tips" are broadcast on KATY in California.

He lives in New York with his wife, Alene Paone Scoblete. He has two grown sons.




By Melissa Kaplan

Melissa A. Kaplan is Ass’t Marketing Director of the Golden Touch Craps web site where this interview originated.

KAPLAN: The Virgin Kiss is a real departure for you because it only has two chapters on casino gambling in it. Why did you write it?

FRANK: Before I became well known for my gambling books and articles I did other kinds of writing – plays that were produced, published book reviews and restaurant reviews. I thought this book would have many different ingredients that readers would like. I think people who have read my other books will enjoy this and there is a whole audience out there, non-gamblers, who should find this book a great read as well – at least I hope it will be a great read. It is the best book I have ever written.


KAPLAN: Your two gambling chapters are about getting banned in Mississippi casinos – banned from the whole state in fact – and being at the table when the Captain rolled his 147-number world record.

FRANK: Yes but the book is really about my adventures outside the casinos. And I have had some amazing adventures in my life.


KAPLAN: The book is extremely funny but I guess everyone is going to be stunned about the chapter on astral traveling don’t you think? That stuff is very controversial to say the least.

FRANK: Well, that section of the book had my wife the beautiful A.P. up all night with as she says "goose bumps" on her arms. Some people will find that section weird and scary too. It does involve three murders.


KAPLAN: Don’t you think your critics are going to have a field day with that chapter? You are going to be called all sorts of names.

FRANK: Being called names by my critics is nothing new. I’d be surprised if they didn’t go after me. But if I had no proof of this astral traveling, I wouldn’t have written the chapter. I had tremendous evidence concerning the validity of these adventures in what I called "the weird world" so let the critics say what they want – the proof is in the book. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet said to Horatio and I say to my critics, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." The Virgin Kiss has a whole section that fits Hamlet’s assertion.


KAPLAN: The book really has many wildly funny chapters too. Gerry the Rat Boy, Wrong Way McKay, Mel Odious and others whom you taught and coached in sports.

FRANK: Those chapters are about the wackiest, most amazing kids I ever met when I was a junior and senior high school teacher.


KAPLAN: And you even punched out a principal during your career.

FRANK: Not something I am proud of now.


KAPLAN: Your first kiss…

FRANK: My virgin kiss, yes. In a way, it is THE chapter in the book. I’ll never forget that kiss and how absolutely idiotic I was as it concluded. I mean Mary Sissallo was the most beautiful girl in the whole world, at least in my mind, and I loved her from afar since second grade and now I had a chance to love her up close. I dated her almost 40 times before I got up the courage to hold her hand and then plant my virgin kiss on her gorgeous, soft, red lips.


KAPLAN: But it didn’t work out as you planned did it?

FRANK: It was the biggest screw up of my life!


KAPLAN: It was really funny too. I was in pain laughing so hard during the dialogue you and Mary would have.

FRANK: Young and dumb. My "virgin kiss" was not quite what I painted in my dreams. It had a really bad ending to it.


KAPLAN: A very funny sad ending. And then you went after sex.

FRANK: Oh, yeah, I had had it with good girls such as Mary. I wanted – am I allowed to say this? I guess so, it was how we talked back then – I wanted a slut. I mean I didn’t want to build up to anything. I wanted a girl who would go all the way with me – which actually meant a kiss on the first date. I didn’t know what sex was in those days. But a kiss I understood so a kiss was going all the way in my mind.


KAPLAN: You got that kiss on the very first date but not in the way you expected. It was a laugh riot to read.

FRANK: Yes, that will be funny to read but it wasn’t funny for me when it happened. I still have the scars from that kiss. I didn’t go near women for a few years after that incident.


KAPLAN: Working in New York City in a housing project, what was that like?

FRANK: Totally woke me up to the real world of the poor and ghetto dwellers. I was only in high school when I took that job. It was like I was a butterfly coming out of a cocoon – maybe a moth is a better analogy. It was eye-opening. I had no idea of how other people lived or behaved. Well I learned all that right away and in a hard way.


KAPLAN: About your experiences during that television interview…

FRANK: That damn dog Dracula nearly castrated me.


KAPLAN: It wasn’t what I thought of as a real television interview. The place it happened wasn’t a studio.

FRANK: You’d be surprised where they do television interviews. That green screen makes the audience think you are in a casino but in reality you can be in someone’s steaming hot basement as I was during this one.


KAPLAN: What would you say to people in order to get them to buy your book?

FRANK: If you need some good laughs and some good scares, buy the book and off you go!


Get an autographed copy of the book.



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