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How To Win EVEN MORE Blackjack Tournaments - Volume II
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By Kenneth R Smith

Ken Smith is considered by his peers to be one of the best tournament blackjack players. This article describes his long awaited new e-book. How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Supercharge Your Game. Ken hosts the popular website as well as the online tournament community at  He has appeared on TV in all four seasons of GSN's World Series of Blackjack, the Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar Championship II finals, and is also featured in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour airing on CBS & WGN Networks.  You can subscribe to his free email newsletter at

It happened somewhere in the desert between Las Vegas and Laughlin. I was riding in the car with Henry Tamburin, who is the editor of the Blackjack Insider Newsletter. Henry and I were heading to play some blackjack tournaments, and along the way we were discussing current happenings in the world of tournaments and blackjack. Once we caught up with that, Henry returned to one of his favorite topics of conversation with me…

Henry: Ken, when are you going to let me publish an E-book on tournament strategy for you?

Ken: I know, I know, I've still got a lot of work to do on my manuscript though. It's a lot of work.

Henry: Do you have any idea how much material you've already produced over the years in my newsletter? It's a lot!

Ken: You're probably right. After all, how long have I been doing this? Three years maybe?

Henry: Longer than that actually. And there's some good stuff in all those columns!

Ken: Yeah, but I wouldn't want a book to just be a rehash of existing articles.

Henry: No problem. We'll go through and pick out the best of your existing columns and update and edit them thoroughly. To that you can add as much new material as you'd like. The combination will make a valuable E-book.

Ken: OK, OK, I'll take a look at it when I get back home.

Upon my return home, I did just that. And, wow, what a lot of great stuff I found! There's a huge amount of tournament know-how stored up in all those columns. I began to see Henry's point, namely, gathering up the best of these items into one collection would be a very worthwhile project that would help players at all skill levels become better tournament players.

Still, I wanted longtime BJI subscribers to have a valid reason for purchasing the E-book as well. So, I wrote three brand-new articles for the book that contain powerful techniques that have helped me win many tournaments. These new strategies have never before been in print, and alone are worth the purchase price of the book.

To ensure all the technical material in the book was up-to-date, I carefully edited each article. In addition, the articles were organized by topic, edited for clarity, an index was added, and then the pages were formatted into a book by Dan Pronovost of DeepNet Technologies, Production Editor for BJI.

The result is a work that I'm quite proud of. Twenty-five articles appear in the finished product, covering topics that range from the basics of tournament play up to advanced strategies and ideas about the game. You can preview the book’s Table of Contents and read a bit of the e-book by clicking here.

How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments

I guess that afternoon desert drive in Nevada turned out to yield a lot more than just idle conversation. It was the impetus for completing my long-awaited first book.

The new 98 page E-Book is How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Supercharge Your Game. It's available immediately, so click here to purchase a copy of the e-book today (only $14.95 US, and provided immediately for download after you buy it).

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