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 BJI tournament Blackjack Tournament

May 13, 2007


River Palms, Laughlin, NV


Entry Fee: $150.00 US + $15 casino fee.

Format: Elimination with guaranteed 2 players per table advancing

Re-Buys: Guaranteed 2 minimum at $75 each.

Prize Fee: Prize money paid to the 6 finalists and semi-finalists.

Example: Assuming $25,000 prize pool and 18 semifinalists, the prizes will be:

1st 35% of prize pool = $8,750

2nd 20% of prize pool = $5,000

3rd 15% of prize pool = $3,750

4th 10% of prize pool = $2,500

5th 5% of prize pool = $1,250

6th 3% of prize pool = $750

7th-18th $250 each

In addition to the above prizes, will be giving a FREE 3-month subscription to all the participants in the tournament plus:

1st Place

Lifetime Membership to monthly Blackjack Insider e-Newsletter (reg. $19.95/yr) plus $80 of FREE products consisting of 1 copy of You've Got Heat e-Book by Barfarkel (reg $15); 1 copy of Blackjack Mentor for Windows blackjack training software (reg. $15); 1 copy of Best of Blackjack Insider e-book (reg. $19.95); 3-month subscription to Casino Player magazine (reg $24 for 12 issues); 3-month on-line subscription to Las Vegas Advisor (reg. $37 for 12 issues); and 3-month membership to Stanford Wong's Green Chip Forum (reg $14.75).


2nd Place

3-Year membership to Blackjack Insider e-Newsletter (reg. $59.85) plus the above $80 worth of Free Products.


3rd through 6th Place

1-year membership to Blackjack Insider e-Newsletter (reg. $19.95/yr plus the above $80 worth of FREE prizes.


Plus all six finalists will receive a baseball cap. We will also be giving away plus several special awards during the rounds.

There is a special room rate for tournament players at the River Palms. Call the hotelís Host Department at 1-800- 835-7904 and use code TBJPA-07.

Got more questions about the tournament? Call Rick Jensen at 1-972-253-5848 or email Rick at


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