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By Fred Renzey

Fred Renzey is an "advantage" blackjack player and author of the highly rated "Blackjack Bluebook II Ė the simplest winning strategies ever published", a vividly detailed 217 page handbook for casino "21". We have copies of the new expanded 2006 edition of this best-seller in stock. To order click here.


Even the worldís best blackjack player is an underdog in the game the majority of the time. Whenever the remaining cards contain more low ones than high ones, or even when the highs and lows are 50/50 -- the house has the edge.

The only time the player has the edge is when there are decidedly more highs than low cards left. Depending mostly upon the number of decks, these advantageous periods arise only between 15% and 35% of the time. During these favorable stretches, the card counter must basically put more money in action than he did all the rest of the time in order to become a worthwhile favorite in the overall game. Thatís a grim fact of blackjack life.

Understand that simply increasing your bets when the count goes up doesnít automatically give you the overall edge. If youíre spreading 1-to-3 units in a respectable single deck game, yes, youíll have the best of it. Thatís because the high-to-low proportion of remaining cards varies wildly when there were only 52 of them to begin with. Your opportunities to make those three unit wagers will arise very frequently. For the same reason, there will also be many more times when you can win an extra hand by "breaking" basic strategy. But that same 1-to-3 spread just wonít get it done with a 312 card shoe! The more decks used, the wider spread it takes to beat the game.

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