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By LV Tournament Pro


LV Tournament Pro is the pseudonym of a skilled advantage blackjack player and an experienced tournament player who has won over $400,000 playing blackjack tournaments. He competed in the World Series of Blackjack in 2005 and also finished first in a monthly qualifier in the Las Vegas Hilton’s Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament. He was also selected to play in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, which pitted the top blackjack players against the top poker players in a unique blackjack tournament that will air on TV in 2006. His peers consider him to be one of the strongest blackjack tournament players.

Any time a new girl arrives in town, the anticipation is that things will change and your outlook on your current social situation will improve. The whereabouts of her presence is the topic of everyone. Some even go so far as saying that they have seen her and she is beautiful. The perfect new girl is just what your town needs. This is usually true, unless you live in Sin City. This is a town where many new girls arrive and leave before anyone knows they were even there. This is a town where 6,000 people a month move in, and 3,000 leave with their dreams lost within the bright lights and bumper to bumper traffic on the world’s most famous street, the Las Vegas Boulevard (a.k.a., The Strip).

So when the San Remo Hotel and Casino was converted to Hooter’s last month, the anticipation of the new girl in town was set in place. The new marketing catch phrase for Hooters was "There is a New Girl in Town." It was all over town for everyone to see. Many Las Vegas commuter buses, for example, had the catch phase painted on it. There were billboards all around town announcing the new girl. Could this really be true that Hooters was going to offer a new and fresh approach to blackjack? After all haven’t we seen too many years of blackjack games that masquerade as "real blackjack games" around town, especially on the world’s most famous street, Las Vegas Boulevard?

For example, the games that the general public seem to keep playing is not "real blackjack," where blackjack pays 3 to 2, but the whopping 6 to 5 that casinos foist on the unsuspecting clueless players. The only ones that are demanding these short payouts are the greedy casino owners and managers.

But don’t worry. Hooters and their "New Girl in Town "motto is going to put all this to rest and return real blackjack games and full blackjack payouts to Las Vegas. Right?

Wake up Wake up!! Sorry to disturb you from your sweet dream that you were having, but the New Girl in town is the same streetwalker that has had her hand in your pockets ever since you stepped off the plane. You see, there is no new girl, in fact there is nothing new about Hooters except the décor and cocktail servers .Which, by the way, is the only redeeming value to be found there.

Hooter’s blackjack games border on the worst ever seen south of the North Pole. The total opposite of a continuous shuffle machine (CSM ) is a one deck game, but at Hooters they deal from a CSM with modified one deck rules. Talk about an oxy moron. How in the world can you have modified one deck rules on a CSM? Believe it or not, Hooters found a way. Check out their atrocious rules:


Blackjack pays 6 to 5

Double Down on 10 & 11 only

Split Aces only once

1 hand per player when full (Why in the world would you want to play more than 1 hand anyway?)

And if that’s not enough how’s this – you also are forbidden to double down after pair splitting.

To put in bluntly, these rules are criminal; their table game manager should be arrested for Grand Larceny!

Also, their shoe games are weak with approx. 66 % penetration, no surrender, and dealer hits soft 17. Why would you ever play any of these games?

Let’s just hope that this new girl winds up just like the other 3,000 people who leave Las Vegas every month………………..Hasta La Vista Baby!

Seven miles from the center of the Strip, on the southern end of Las Vegas Blvd., sits the other new girl in town, the South Coast, which is just another Coast property whose past reputation has been to offer bad games and sweat the money on top of their bad games. The only Coast property that has ever offered a decent blackjack game was the Sun Coast Casino in Summerlin. But at the South Coast, the blackjack games are as stingy as the Barbary Coast, which has always been the biggest sweat joint in town and there is no one in town ready to take that title away from them. The betting limits at the South Coast are $5-$500 and $25-$2,000 with a 50% penetration on their double deck games and shoe games that range form $5-$500 with no surrender, dealer hit soft 17’s and poor penetration. There is really no need to give the South Coast any more space or time in this article as their games offer nothing to make you want to drive the 7 miles down the Strip to no where land. But if it’s a choice between Hooters and South Coast, my suggestion is to buy a movie ticket and a bucket of popcorn. The worst that could happen to you is getting slippery fingers from the butter on the popcorn but at least no money will be slipping through your fingers.


Now here is a girl whose number you may want to put in your phone directory. She is not new; as a matter of fact she may be one of Las Vegas well kept secrets. Her name is Tuscany, a nice Italian girl, who will give you your monies worth. She can be found on Flamingo Road, East of the Strip between Koval & Paradise. She is available 7 nights a week, dealing out 5 of 6 decks with surrender and betting limits of $5-$1,000.The only give back, and it’s a small one at that, is that she hit’s soft 17 but with 5 out of 6 decks dealt and surrender, it’s a date you should not pass up..

Tuscany Hotel & Casino is for sure a sight for sore blackjack eyes.

Until next time, may all your aces have a little paint on them.


LV Tournament Pro


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