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By LVBear

Las Vegas blackjack player, casino critic, and frequent contributor LVBear offers his opinions on things that sometimes go wrong in the world of casinos. He can be reached at

The Gaming Control Board Fiddles while Rome Burns
According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, casino nightclubs have been warned to keep illegal activity out, and gaming bosses know that the Control Board is watching.     

Wow! The "gaming bosses" must be quaking in their boots knowing that their do-nothing, see-no-evil, hear-no-evil puppets are watching.  This Gaming Control Board is the same bunch of cowards who refuse to punish casinos for real wrongdoing, such as security guards committing violent crimes against patrons.  Nothing has been done to Imperial Palace, Caesars Palace, or Frontier despite the huge jury awards against them for wrongdoing.   Nothing has been done to MGM Grand for refusing to cash winning patrons' chips, despite the fact that more than a single isolated case of such abuse of patrons has been brought to the attention of the Board. Yet these "regulators" are wasting time and taxpayer money by sniffing around nightclubs and worrying about how short the skirts are on billboard ads.  If the Board wasn't such an embarrassment to Nevada, its activities would be downright comical.


District Attorney Again Fails to Prosecute Casino Criminals

Link to news story:

The story regarding the killing at Krave nightclub in Las Vegas a year ago shows many sides of the incident. An obviously trouble young man harassing an ex-girlfriend who had a restraining order against him is not usually a recipient of sympathy. However, again we have a case of security guards and/or "bouncers" employed by or at a casino overreacting, this time resulting in the death of the young man. Again, we have our District Attorney’s Office refusing to prosecute any of the parties involved in the killing, even though the Coroner ruled the death a homicide.

Once the casino and/or club employees were informed that there was a restraining order against the decedent, they should have notified Metro and merely stood by to keep the peace while awaiting the arrival of Metro. The fact that they got into a physical battle with the decedent is unfortunate, and probably could have been avoided if some self-discipline and common sense had been used. Unfortunately, casino security too often lacks common sense. In this case, our apparently corrupt District Attorney lacks it, too. Cover-up is not a strong enough term. Criminal negligence on the part of the District Attorney may be a better way to describe the lack of any action taken against the killers.

Maybe casino guards have to kill someone who everyone would feel sorry for. Maybe a pregnant woman or a little old lady has to be maimed or killed by casino guards before our cowardly public officials will say "enough is enough" and put some of these out-of-control thugs in jail.

I am definitely not defending the apparently drug addicted idiot who was killed in this incident, but it seems certain that the physical confrontation could and should have been avoided. The duty of security was to notify Metro, not take matters into their own untrained hands. Having had my share of confrontations with these goons, it is truly frightening how ignorant and out-of-control they can be. More frightening is how their employers and the public officials entrusted with our safety continue to ignore these incidents.

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