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By Frank Scoblete

Frank Scoblete is the #1 best-selling gaming author in America. He is executive director of the Golden Touch advantage-play seminars in craps and blackjack. His websites are, and in association with His newest book is The Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! co-authored with Dominator which is available in our online store at 10% discount. For more information or a free brochure, call 1-800-944-0406 or write to Frank Scoblete Enterprises, PO Box 446, Malverne, NY 11565.

Here is a string of numbers: 30, 33, 38, 56, 60, 74, 76, 89, 100 and 147. Lottery winners know the monetary power of numbers and these numbers are all very powerful because they relate to the game of craps. Let’s take a look at them.

But first.

Background: Craps is an easy game to play. You want to establish a point with two dice. These are the point numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Once the point is established you want to roll that number again before the 7 in order to win. If the 7 rolls you lose. There are six ways to make a 7. There are three ways to make a 4 or 10; four ways to make a 5 or 9; and five ways to make a 6 or 8. You can also place any number you want and if it rolls before the 7, you also win. Obviously the 7 is the most prolific number in craps. If you are completely new to craps, my book Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play and Win! ($12.95) can teach you how the game is played and the best bets to make.

What a Dice Controller Tries to Do: In a random game of craps, the casino has the edge. Dice controllers try to alter the game’s probabilities with their throw in order to switch the edge over to themselves. This can be done by reducing the appearance of the 7 (it appears once every six times on average) and/or by increasing the appearance of other numbers. The dice controllers set the dice in certain ways to show certain numbers. They grip the dice lightly with three front fingers straight across the dice and the thumb in the back, placed equally on both dice. They then throw the dice softly with a gentle backspin. The dice land, lose most of their energy, hit the back wall and die – hopefully landing on certain numbers that have been preselected.

Numbers and Money: Now, the numbers in the first sentence relate to recent rolls by some skilled dice controllers. The remarkable Dominator, co-author with me of the new book Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution, had rolls of 30, 33, and 38 back-to-back-to-back. He also had a 56-roll hand where the seven appeared only once – on his 57th roll. The 74-roll hand was by another great shooter, Howard "Rock ‘N Roller" who had an amazing run of five consecutive days of hour or longer rolls, finishing up with an hour and a half and those 74 numbers.

My contributions were a 60 and an 89-roll hand within a month of each other, in addition to five other 50 or better hands.

But the big numbers of 76, 100 and 147 were rolled by the Captain, the 84-year old Atlantic City legend, just months apart from each other. These are monstrous rolls. The 147-roll hand (recounted at could very well be a modern record for total numbers actually rolled. That roll lasted two hours and 18 minutes and I had the privilege of seeing it.

Now what kind of money is involved in such epic rolls? Simply stated, even low rollers make a lot of money during such epic rolls. Once a shooter’s hand gets over 50 numbers, most craps bettors have started to press bets. When the roll gets to 70 or more – the house will be refilling all the chips on the table, even their highest denominations.

But most dice controllers don’t have to hit such big hands to reverse the house edge. Indeed, even small changes in the normal dice probabilities will give the dice controller an edge over the house on some bets. Epic rolls are fun to write about, witness and make money from but most dice controllers are content to grind out wins over the casinos with somewhat smaller hands.

Those interested in reading more about dice control and seeing 94 great pictures of each and every step of the process, I recommend you get a copy of Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution which is available in the Blackjack Insider Store at 10% discount (click here) or by calling our toll free number 1-888-353-3234.




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