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Review of the new Poker 6·7·8™ Hold’Em Strategy Cards

by Bill Burton

Bill Burton is an advantage blackjack player and skilled poker player. He is the author of the best-selling book, "Get the Edge at Texas Low Limit Hold’em", available at 10% discount from the BJI online store, and the guide at


poker cards

The Poker 6·7·8 Hold’Em Strategy Cards are the newest product from Stickysoft Corp. Their Blackjack 6-7-8 strategy cards set the standard for reliable and accurate information for Blackjack players and the new Texas Hold’em 6-7-8 cards will likely do the same for Poker players. Although Poker is not as automatic as Blackjack, they both involve knowing the math behind making correct decisions. Understanding the math of the game is very important to playing winning poker and the Poker 6·7·8 Strategy Cards were designed with this in mind.

Two Cards

The Poker 6·7·8 Strategy Cards are a set of two strategy cards. The user will find that these cards are more of a mini-Texas Hold’em course than just merely a set of rules to follow. The first strategy card covers the Pre Flop.

The number one mistake that losing players make is to play too many hands. They are not very selective about the starting hands they play. The second mistake that they make is playing the starting hands out of position. The majority of the newer players and some of the older ones have no idea about the importance of position.

Card one shows you which starting hands to play based on your position in relationship to the dealer button. There are three panels that cover Early, Middle and Late position and a fourth one for Late Position – Aggressive. The strategy on this card can be used to mix up your play so you will not be too predictable. The decisions on the card are color coded to suggest how to play a particular hand based on the action before you. For instance, there is one color to "call but fold if there is a raise" and other colors for combinations of calling, raising, or re-raising with a particular hand.

A fifth panel on card one discusses the pre-flop strategy and defines and explains "Position." The back of the card details how to use the card and gives you some information on your expected gain while playing Texas Hold’em. The card also informs you that these cards are geared more for Limit Texas Hold’em than no limit. Don’t let this deceive you. The experienced player knows that the concept of position and solid starting hands is important in all variations of Texas Holdem.

I found that the hand suggestions for card one is right on the money. The recommendations for the hands and position to play them from will give you the best chance of winning by beings selective in your choice of starting hands.

Card two contains the strategy for continuing after the Flop. Two panels are devoted to discussion and examples for playing the flop. After the Turn card is exposed you can then fold-in the left panel of the strategy card and you will easily be able to read the two panels for playing the Turn and the River.

The other two panels discuss Outs, terminology and the concept of Pot odds and with examples to help understand them. The back of the card also has endorsements from two Poker legends; Doyle Brunson and Mike Caro.

The advice given for different situations is backed by concise examples that cover many of the situations you will encounter during a game.

Low Limit Games

Many players will want to start out playing in low limit games. Although I stated before that there is no concrete strategy as there is in Blackjack, you can almost use a "basic strategy" in low limit games based on the math of the games by playing the strong starting hands and continuing after the flop when you get the correct pot odds to do so.

In low limit poker there are more showdowns than in the higher limit and no limit games. By playing a solid game based on the math of the game, you can be a winning player without much effort. These cards can guide you along the way.

The cards are sized to be able to fit in your pocket if you want to take them with you. I would be hesitant about taking them out at a live table because you are letting others know you are a novice. If others determine that you are "playing by the book" and only playing solid hands they may tend to fold more when you bet or raise and this will cut down on your profits. They may also bluff more figuring that you will be likely to fold marginal hands if there is a raise.

You can however keep them in your pocket and sneak a peak if you desire. If you are an experienced player you might want to bring them to the table to make the other players think you are a beginner.

Online Play

The real strength of these cards will be discovered during online play. Most players nowadays start out playing the low limit games on the Internet. These cards are extremely valuable for online play because you can set them out in front of you while you play online and nobody can see you referring to your cards as you play out the hands.


The Bottom Line

The Poker 6·7·8 strategy cards by Stickysoft are the best ones that I have seen on the market to date. If you are new to the game or a player who has not been winning, you can immediately improve your game by following the advice contained on these cards. Priced at $9.95 it is an inexpensive investment that should yield a substantial return from your future Texas Hold’em play.


Editors Note: The strategy cards are available to BJI subscribers at a 10% discount. Click here for more information or to order.

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