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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, April 2005, #63

Upcoming Tournament Schedule courtesy of

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Here’s a short list of upcoming major blackjack tournaments, from Apr 15th to June 30th, 2005.

April 14-16, 2005: Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Hilton

"Million Dollar III Blackjack Tournament" Monthly Qualifier

Entry fee of $1000 includes three room nights.

$57500 in prizes with $20K for first.

16 players qualify for a seat in the $1 Million finals in May.

Phone: 800-457-3307

April 17-19, 2005: Las Vegas, NV Fitzgeralds Casino

Fitzgerald’s Blackjack Tournament

Entry Fee $99

$5000 Prize Pool

Phone: 800-274-5825

April 22-24, 2005: Robinsonville, MS Bally’s Tunica

$150K Blackjack Tournament

Entry Fee $500, Includes gift, 4 buffets and 1 banquet meal.

Rooms available based on rated play.

Hybrid format: Accumulation first round, Elimination semifinal.

Semifinalists receive $500.

Casino adds $25,000 to prize pool.

Phone: 800-382-2559

May 12-14, 2005: Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Hilton

FINALS, Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament III

192 qualified players plus 8 wild-card drawings from other entrants

Compete for the $1 Million first place prize.

May 13-15, 2005: Munising, MI Kewadin Casino – Christmas

Blackjack Tournament

Entry Fee $150, Re-Entry $75.

First place $3000.

Phone: 800-539-2346

(There may also be an event the same weekend at Kewadin’s Casino in St Ignace, MI.)

May 20-22, 2005: Robinsonville, MS Gold Strike Casino

$150K Blackjack Championship

$500 Entry Fee, $250 Re-Entry.

$150K Prize Pool, with $50K first place.

Hybrid format, some non-elimination, some elimination-style.

Phone: 888-24K-PLAY


June 7-10, 2005: Reno, NV Horizon Casino

$150K Blackjack Competition

$1000 Entry Fee, $150K Prize pool, with $100K first place.

Phone: 800-683-8087

June 16-17, 2005: Las Vegas, NV New Frontier Casino

$60,000 Live Money Blackjack Tournament

Entry Fee $300, Re-Entry $150.

$300 Live money buy-in each round.

Phone: 800-421-7806



This is a small portion of the upcoming event schedule available at

where you’ll find hundreds of events listed, representing all areas of the country.

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