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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, Dec. 2004, #59


By Henry Tamburin

Smart Gaming web site

The web site is owned by Henry Tamburin, blackjack expert and author of the popular book, "Blackjack: Take the Money and Run". Henry is the editor of the Blackjack Insider e-newletter, and a feature writer for Casino Player magazine.


Iíve summarized below the tentative schedule for the broadcast of the World Series of Blackjack that was recently played at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.

The WSOB will be telecast on GSN (formerly the Game Show Network) which should be available from your local cable TV provider.

As you can see there were some pretty good matchups in the preliminary rounds. I am under contract not to reveal who advanced and who played in the semi and final rounds. But I can say you wonít be disappointed when you watch the shows Ė they were all exciting.

Show #1
Fri.     1/21    10pm premiere
                      1am encore presentation

Sat.   1/22    8pm
Sun.  1/23    7pm
Tues.    1/25    10pm

Contestants: Katya Underhill, Joe Pane, Hollywood Dave Stann, Kevin Blackwood, Rene Angelil

Show #2
Fri.   1/28    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat.  1/29    8pm
Sun.  1/30    7pm
Tues.  2/1    10pm

Contestants: Russ Hamilton, Marshall Sylver, Ken Smith, Charlene Ono, Leann Moell

Show #3 
Fri.  2/4    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat.  2/5    8pm
Sun. 2/6    7pm
Tues. 2/8    10pm
Contestants: Nicki Vermuelen, Regina Guzior, Robert Blachman, Stanford Wong, Dr. Richard Taraska

Show #4
Fri. 2/11    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat. 2/12    8pm
Sun.  2/13    7pm
Tues.    2/15    10pm
Contestants: Henry Tamburin, Rick Blaine, Nancy Kubasek, Kami Lis, Michael Konik

Show #4    Wildcard Playoff
Fri. 2/18    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat.  2/19    8pm
Sun.    2/20    pre-empted for a Win Ben Stein's Money
Tues.  2/22    10pm

Show #5
Fri. 2/25    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat.  2/26    8pm
Sun. 2/27    7pm
Tues. 3/1    10pm
Contestants: Tyrone Jackson, Anthony Curtis, David Page, Rick Swogger, Erica Schoenberg

Show #6  
Fri.  3/4    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation                   
Sat.  3/5    8pm
Sun.  3/6    7pm
Tues. 3/8    10pm                            
Contestants: Angie Moneytaker, Jimmy Pine, Ken Einiger, Rick Jensen, Jean Scott

Show #7
Fri. 3/11    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat. 3/12    8pm
Sun. 3/13    7pm
Tues. 3/15    10pm
Contestants: Micky Rosa, Lorna Fox, Viktor Nacht, Chuck Gorson, Joe Maloof

Show #8 
Fri.  3/18    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat.  3/19    8pm
Sun.  3/20    7pm
Tues. 3/22    10pm
Contestants: MIT Mike, Brian Zembic, Eric Kiel, Jason Geraci, Michelle Richards

Show #9    Wildcard Playoff
Fri. 3/25    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat. 3/26    8pm
Sun. 3/27    7pm
Tues. 3/29    10pm

Show #10  Semi-Final Game
Fri.  4/1    10pm premier
1am encore presentation
Sat.  4/2    8pm
Sun.  4/3    7pm
Tues. 4/5     10pm

Show #11  Semi-Final Game
Fri. 4/8    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation
Sat. 4/9    8pm
Sun. 4/10    7pm
Tues. 4/12    10pm

Show #12    Finals
Fri. 4/15    10pm premiere
1am encore presentation       
Sat. 4/16     8pm
Sun. 4/17    7pm
Tues. 4/19     10pm

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