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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, Dec. 2004, #59


By The Suit

I have dealt everywhere from the "Sweat Houses" to the clubs owned by the "Good Old Boys." In Old Las Vegas, you HAD to know game protection before you got promoted to the floor. I spent the last 14 years as Floor Supervisor, Pit Manager, Director of a Gaming School, Back Up Shift Manager, and Shift Manager. Iíve training dealers, Floor Supervisors and Pit Managers. Needless to say, I have experienced gaming from all positions in Table Games and have told some of the BEST advantage players in the world that they could not play. I will give you tips on how to avoid getting the dreaded "Tap on the Shoulder."


What Tells are you giving to casino personnel?

What price are you paying?

Do you want to learn how to play without getting heat?

Do you really know how the pit works, how they think, what they think of you, "The Advantage Player?"

Are you the person who sits down at a table with a hat on, head down and concentrating so hard youíre getting a headache? (You look like you have a headache and youíve been spotted from 2 pits away, by the "Cocktail Waitress!")

Do you start your session by betting one unit on one hand and spread to 2 or 3 hands, betting at least 8 units or more? Guess what? Youíve just GIVEN YOURSELF UP!

Do you play with your checks; count them or shuffle them, grabbing the exact bet from your stack? If so, youíre exposing a private part of yourself to people you really donít want to see that side of you.

Do you scope out the pit; walking around it, standing in front of games watching intently? If so, you now have a sign on your forehead "ADVANTAGE PLAYER!"

Do you have wondering eyes and a bobble head always looking to see where pit personnel are? Stay true to your game because thereís no jealousy in the pit.

Do you deviate from basic strategy? Stand on 16 against 10 on TC of 0 or positive, splits 10ís against 5 on +4 or higher, only take insurance on +3 or higher. SMILE! Youíre being taped, live and in color!

Do you tell touristís how to play, ask to see their hands, bitch about them not playing right? The Pit is making an announcement, "Hurry, Free Expert advice on BJ7 spot 6, you only have one more hand to take advantage of their arrogance."

Do you handle the cards like a pro; do you always put your splits and double down cards in the right spot? Find the right spot at home, not on the Blackjack table!

Is your game limited to counting cards and the technical aspects of playing? If so, you definitely need to expand your horizons! You need to learn how to take advantage of body language and tells from dealers, floor, pit managers and believe it or not, players on your game. Yes, with a little patience and a lot of observation you can take your game to another level, without memorizing all kinds of numbers.

Hereís my promise. In future columns in BJI, I will go into depth on how to capitalize on the different personalities in the pit, how to use human nature to your advantage and how to find and take advantage of the casinoís weak spots.

Are you still wearing baseball hats? Get into the 21st century. What are your best disguises? Iíve seen them all, from wigs to fake noses and Iíll tell you which ones fooled me and which ones got me the most laughís (yes, I really did get a lot of good laughs at some of your disguises).

Want to know who in town really knows how to spot advantage players? Iíll give you information on how to spot a knowledgeable suit, what to look for in a good dealer, floor supervisor, pit manager, and even a Shift Manager.

Do you know camouflage plays? You really need to understand the numbers here. There are plays that you can make to throw off surveillance and casino personnel. Learning when to make these plays will help your longevity as an advantage player. Sometimes you have to give up a little to gain a lot! There is a bigger picture to look forward to, you know.

What is your bankroll? How many units can you go on that bankroll? How much will you make per hour with your bet spread? Do you have the right discipline to play as a professional? Do you set goals? The Proís know that even though the math is in their favor, itís no cake walk. Being a professional advantage player has its upís and downís, just like every day life.

My opinions and views are FROM the INSIDE and may shock you. Knowing how a casino makes their decisions and moves forward will Iím sure, intrigue you. Many of you have formulated hostile opinions about casinos and I admit there are casino personnel that shouldnít be allowed anywhere near a pit let alone interact with another human being. But I believe that is true of any business where there is always someone who needs to "Get a Life!"!

Until next month, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

From the Inside,

"The Suit"

















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