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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, June 2004, #53


By LV Tournament Pro

Tournament Pro is the pseudonym of a skilled advantage blackjack player and an experienced tournament player who has won over $400k playing in blackjack tournaments.


Cannery Hotel & Casino

First round 10am, every 45 min ending at 1pm, semis at 1:45pm, and the finals at 2:30pm. Single deck. Entry is $10 and fist place usually pays $599.

Sante Fe Hotl& Casino in Las Vegas

6pm, non-elimination format, $25 entry fee, two rounds, can re-buy for $15. Top six scorers amongst all tournament players receive prizes.


Tuesday Morning and Afternoon

Rampart Hotel & Casino in Summerlin

Same times and format as the Cannery

Fiesta Henderson is one of my favorites - single deck, $25 entry, two advance from the first round into the semis, one from the semis goes to the finals. $1,000 1st place is guaranteed. Tuesday evening starting at 6 P.M. 6:45, & 7:30pm. Semis are at 8:10pm and the finals at 9pm.

Wednesday Afternoon

Green Valley Ranch (GVR) was originally played every Wednesday; however it has been changed to every other Wednesday.

Thursday Morning

Rampart Hotel & Casino holds their tournament the same time and format as their Tuesday mini-tournament

Thursday Evening

Sunset Station Hotel & Casino holds a mini-tournament with the highest paying first prize of $2,000 guaranteed (it is also the longest running tournament in Las Vegas).

Friday Morning

Brings us back to the Cannery for the same tournament that they run on Mondays 10am. Entry fee is $99 first prize starting at 10 a.m.

Saturday Morning

Boulder Station Hotel & Casino has a $25 entry starting at 11am, 11:45am, and 12:30pm. Double deck dealt face down, two advance from the first round into semis and one from the semis into finals. First prize is $1,350.

Sunday Evening

Silverton Hotel & Casino only if you must since their staff can be down-right rude and their dealers are for the most part not the friendliest.

My Top 3 Las Vegas Blackjack Mini-Tournament Picks are:

  1. Sunset Station, 6 decks, betting range $10-250, 25 hands played, $2,000 first prize and a great staff
  2. Fiesta Henderson, single deck, betting range $25-500, 20 hands played, $1,000 first prize and a player friendly place.
  3. Boulder Station, 2 decks, betting range $10-300, 20 hands played, cards dealt face down, $1,300 first prize

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