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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, June 2004, #53



PJH played basic strategy for about 20 years and then mastered card counting, where she has had good success for the past 8 years.  PJH is retired and puts in many hours playing blackjack at different casino venues.

Upon arrival to the Beau Rivage, I was pleased to see the hotel was not very crowded.  I prefer to play blackjack with no more than two or three at the table.  I checked into my beautiful comp'd room with a bay view and was ready to go to "work".

I also prefer double deck, therefore, I must play at the $25 table.  The game had most of the good rules (s17, ds, SC) and the penetration is consistent since they use the notch in the discard rack set at about 70%.  They have about eight DD tables but only four are open before noon. 

I bought in for $500 worth of chips and started with the minimum of $25.  I play a 1- 5 bet spread with no attention from the pit.  I was at a very fun and comfortable table when a "ploppy" pushed in and played two hands and left.  I doubt that he was a card counter since he played $100 in a very disadvantaged shoe.  Even though it is disruptive, I have learned to deal with new and sometimes rude players. I don't feel those players determine the outcome of my session. I wonder why Beau Rivage does not have the No Mid Entry rule.  It is good for backcounting if you keep you bets at a minimum.  I played about 1 hour and 25 minutes and won $360. 

I took a lunch break at their Noodle restaurant.  I highly recommend the quality of food and service.

My goal at that time was not to "give back" my winnings.  I went to Treasure Bay to play at the $10 DD game.  I bought in for $300 and played a 1-8 spread.  They didn't ask for my player's card but I wanted to be sure they rated me so I offered my card before I started to play.  Treasure Bay does not allow Mid Entry.  They also have a good game (s17,ds,rsa,sc) but penetration varies by dealer.  However, I noticed I got better penetration on the day shift.  A few dealers at night only gave 50% penetration.  I played about 1 hour and joined a friend at another $10 table.  I was not playing but observed a very favorable count so I place a $50 bet on top of his bet and, luckily he got a BJ.  I knew I was pushing my luck so I only observed the game and visited with some very friendly players.  I left Treasure Bay with a $400 profit.  Treasure Bay is very generous with their comps; they have a great buffet (good ole' Southern cooking).

Day 2, I went to the Palace.  I had played there several times before but was very disappointed on this trip.  Only two $10 DD tables were open and they were full.  They also have all the good rules but 6-7 people at the table are too much for me.  The casino was under construction and not very pleasant so I returned to Beau Rivage. 

After a trip to their beautiful pool I was refreshed and ready for more action.  I played at the $25 table again with not as much luck.  I was dealt a pair of 8's against a 5.  Of course, I split the 8's and was counting my money.  Amazingly, I got two more 8's and had to double two of them, therefore, I had six hands at $30 each and lost them all.  What a bummer!  To add to my demise, it seemed like every time the count was favorable my neighbor got the BJ or 20.   I quickly determined it was not my hour for profits. 

Dinner was at the LaCuzian Italian Restaurant.  It was good but not outstanding for the price.

I squeezed in a little Video Poker.  I played Deuces Wild and hit 4 deuces  ($1,000 coins).  I also played Bonus Poker and left with a little profit.

I had to return to Houston for a major event (my grandson's baseball tournament), but left Biloxi with an $800 profit.  Not bad considering my hotel room and most of my meals were comped. 

I'm looking forward to a 7 day trip to Vegas.  $$$$$$$$$$


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