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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, June 2004, #53


BY Kenneth Smith

Blackjack Info

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One item from last monthís article provoked some discussion that made me think I should elaborate on one of the points I made, specifically, "Keep enough money to split, unless you have a good reason." I wanted to revisit this topic, and make clear that there are often good reasons to ignore splitting considerations.

I see many tournament players split their bankroll in half on the final hand, betting half and planning to double or split on any hand. Sometimes thatís a good play, but not always. The situation from last issue was a little simpler than that, so weíll start by recapping that scenario again.

Only two competitors remained at the table, and the leader was on the button with a bankroll of $11,300. He made a minimum bet of $100. The other player with a bankroll of $9,700 chose to make a maximum bet of $5,000. In this case, splitting his bankroll would have been a better play, because by betting more than half his bank he prevented himself from splitting. Actually, thereís no reason to bet more than $2,500 here anyway as that covers any possible win by the leaderís $100 or multiples thereof. In fact, a bet of $2,500 is slightly better than splitting the bankroll, because it would permit a third hand if needed. In this case, the extra money won by any splits is meaningless, and a split should only be considered if it improves the playerís chance of winning at least one net bet.

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