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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, Nov. 2003, #46


By Kenneth Smith

Blackjack Info

Ken Smith hosts the popular website and the new site for tournament players Ken writes tournament articles for Blackjack Confidential magazine. You can subscribe to his free email newsletter for blackjack players at

A few years back, in an article in Blackjack Confidential magazine, I first detailed an idea that has proven to be among the most useful tournament strategy shortcuts that I know. The "Rule of 2, 4, and 5" allows you to quickly determine an optimal bet in many situations where you are trailing the table leader, but must bet ahead of him. This tool belongs in every tournament playerís bag of tricks, and deserves another look. While Iím at it, Iíll add a few extra items to the mix.

One of the more frustrating spots at a tournament table is when youíre behind in chip count, and betting in front of the leader. No matter what you bet, the leader has the ability to roughly match your bet and snare both the high and the low for this hand. Add to that a tournament rule that limits the time you are allowed to think before betting, and it can be tough to make a good bet. Fortunately, thereís a great shortcut that you can use to choose a bet size that maximizes your chances of passing the leader, without having to do a lot of calculations.

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