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by Dustin Marks

Back in the 1980's, I "took off" several Las Vegas casinos, and other casinos throughout the state of Nevada, at their blackjack tables. After retiring from cheating, I wrote two books: Cheating at Blackjack and Cheating at Blackjack Squared. I also created the DVD: Cheating at Blackjack - The Real Work ( I was never caught. This is Part 3 in this series. (Parts 1 and 2 appeared in March and April issues of BJI.)

I will never forget walking onto the casino floor, looking around, and thinking that (our cheating) dealer's down with the play (i.e., dealing the flash), there's one of our agents taking off a game, and there's one of our bosses smiling and watching it all. All told the team consisted of five cheating dealers, 15 agents, and two bosses. After all the planning and practicing the team and I did beforehand, it was show time and I was ready to go to work. We were literally taking the joint off around the clock. It was glorious and it was happening now!

Our dealers were flashing the top card of the deck to our agents, who sat at first base. This gave our agents 100% playing efficiency. It got even better: as our dealers picked up the cards they flashed the top card of the deck to our agents. This gave our agents a very high betting efficiency. They would bet low when they saw a baby or rag (2-9), medium when they saw a 10 value card, and they made a table-limit bet when they saw an Ace.

Since the agents were firing (i.e., betting big) and winning, they started getting backed off (meaning, asked not to play blackjack by the casino). Also, it was this casino's policy to randomly polygraph dealers. One by one our dealers were getting fired for not passing the polygraph. No big surprise here. This was standard policy for this casino. For whatever reason, I was never polygraphed. The team was eventually whittled down to JS, a boss, and me.

Early on during the play, I cut into JS and told him I can do more than deal the flash; I can also...

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