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by Vinny DeCarlo

The following article is from Vinny DeCarlo, who passed away in June 2014. I received this article (and several others) from Vinny just prior to his passing. As a tribute to Vinny, I decided to publish them in BJI.

Note: As many long-time BJI subscribers know, Vinny was often very critical about how casinos ran their operations (especially their surveillance departments) and he wasn’t afraid to say so in the true stories he wrote in the BJI. Vinny DeCarlo is also the author of the ground-breaking book for card counters, "How to Beat Casino Surveillance – Insider’s Secrets for Card Counters," which is still an invaluable resource for card counters, and available in our online store.

Most casinos have weekly Director’s meetings. This gives the Department Directors a chance to brag at the round table about their weekly performance, or to be ridiculed for their lack of performance. In my opinion, it resembled a Disney production.

For example, each Department Head gets a chance to discuss (or throw out ideas) about the entertainment acts they’ve booked, etc. I remember one meeting where the Hotel Director mentioned that she had booked a block (i.e., a floor of connected rooms) to a "think tank" group called Def Con. I laughed out loud and said, "Are you kidding?" I continued, "Does anyone have an idea who the DEF CON group is?" Most attendees looked at me as if I was crazy; however, it didn’t bother me because I know I’m crazy. "No, please enlighten us about this group" said the Slot Director. I advised them that in short, DEF CON were some of the smartest computer programmers and hackers on earth. The General Manager looked straight at the IT (Info/Tech) Director and asked him if we had anything to worry about. He shook his head no and said, "Our firewall was secure."

DEF CON Arrives for their Week Stay

It was a Thursday evening when the D/C group of about 25 arrived. They were average-looking people but I have to admit I was on the offense as I know a bit about computers and at every change bank, there was an in-house computer with a direct intranet connection (not to mention the other PC outlets located everywhere for future expansion).

The Night the Lights went out at the xxx Casino

It didn’t take long for the D/C group to...

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