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by Vinny DeCarlo

Vinny DeCarlo is the author of How to Beat Casino Surveillance Ė Insiderís Secrets for Card Counters. He is a retired veteran casino man with over 20 years of upper management experience. His expertise covers the pit, security, and surveillance, and he even served as a General Manager for two different casinos. Currently, Vinny travels the states as a freelance reporter and a personal consultant to many Indian casinos. He also recently appeared on the Getting the Edge radio show from Las Vegas ( According to Vinny, there are two types of casino employees - those that know him, and those that claim to know him; therefore, never believe what you hear.

Editorís Note: Part 1 of this article appeared in last monthís issue of the BJI.


Seems that I struck a nerve with my article on the OSN last month and some folks want to know more about it. Well, Iíve never been one for leaving people in the dark so Iím going to entertain the questions that were sent to BJI about it.

"Can we get a sense of the features of the software?"

First, to make it clear the OSN is a grassroots, homemade software with a lot of thought put into itís development. The developers looked at everything on the market and saw what the others were lacking and they didnít stop until they felt all bases were covered. I believe they accomplished just that.

"Do casinos upload their own photos from their cameras to the web site?"

Yes, they upload digital quality photos since the OSN is very meticulous about what they post. No more will you see the fax sheets that looked as if they had a previous life as toilet paper.

"Are all photos instantly available to all subscribers via online viewing?

I wouldnít say instantly because they do their homework and verify all the information before posting it online. So, letís say itís not instant but usually within seven minutes.

"Can incidents and records be associated with photos (like their name, etc.)?"

Yes. OSN has one hell of a search engine. Casino surveillance personnel can search by eye, hair, skin color, height, weight, build, facial hair, alias names, etc. Their engine actually suggests matches then attempts to put 2+2 together like date of birth, birthmarks, etc. It will even remember if the subject smoked and what brand they smoked for comparison as well as what they like to drink (if at all).

Since this is such an important point, let me clarify further. When photos are uploaded, the various attributes above are entered into the system with the subject, or the photo is associated with an existing subject. Yes, there is and always will be human interaction with such a base. I guess my point is that the pictures sent (electronically) to the OSN has been checked, double checked, and any confirmed information is added, like if the subject smokes, drinks or even what kind of watch the or she is wearing. Most casinos have passed the days of analog cams and are up to 9 mega pixel cameras, which are recording at least 22 frames per second, Not too much is going to get by at that rate. The cameras have the ability to zoom in, zoom out, and search the area of the video taken, loop or book- mark footage, and even split one view into 36 pictures to watch 36 different spots on the table or the players face and all this after the fact. They can also convert to a negative and do a layover for confirmation. Seems like old science but it works and it shows theyíre doing due diligence and not just shot gunning the entire table and calling them all advantage player like some detective agency does. However, I want to make it clear that OSN does not have facial recognition software associated with it.

"Who can enter that data, and is it ever been vetted?

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