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by Melissa A. Kaplan

Note: Melissa Kaplan is Marketing Director for Golden Touch Craps.

Melissa: Youíve written half a dozen books on craps. Do we really need Casino Craps: Shoot to Win?

Frank: Each of my previous books handled specific ideas. I decided I wanted one single book that would encompass all of the most important concepts I have written about. I wanted a one-stop shopping so to speak.

Melissa: So you are saying this book has it all? That it is comprehensive?

Frank: Yes, it contains everything you need to know to actually beat the game of craps and I am talking about a real advantage, not some silly betting or hedge-betting system. A player can go from being a novice to learning all the elements of dice control and getting the edge at the game.

Melissa: Have you incorporated any material from your other dice control book?

Frank: Yes. I have used the pictures of Dominator throwing the dice but I have gotten rid of all the wordy and extraneous commentary by other people. I have condensed all the most important parts and laid them all out in an easy-to-understand way. In fact, I am so proud of this book that the other book has been taken out of print.

Melissa: You say you can go from being a novice to advantage-player in this book?

Frank: Yes, I explain how the game is played. I go into detail about all the bets and which ones a smart player should make. Then I have sections on money management and how to "push the house" to give you a better game than the casino advertises. However, the book is really two books in one. Once I am done with the facts of the game in part one, I go into advantage-play in part two.

Melissa: It comes with a DVD?

Frank: A professional DVD is worth a million words. Youíll get to see Dominator shoot the dice in unedited rolls. Iíll repeat that. Dominatorís rolls are unedited. With the DVD, you can judge whether dice control actually works and how it should be done.

Melissa: What about your famous 5-Count?

Frank: It is the late Captainís 5-Count. I have to give him full credit for everything I have ever written about craps. The 5-Count is a very important part of lowering the house take on your money, and for advantage players reducing the hit by random rollers. I explain betting for non-advantage-players and for advantage players. I explain what kinds of edges an advantage craps player can get with various skill levels and how to make sure you get to actually keep the money you win. The 5-Count is a part of the whole thing.

Melissa: Now your readers have come to expect first hand accounts of your own play. Do you have any of that in this book?

Frank: Yes. Keep in mind, I not only write about the game, I play too. Iíve been playing craps for over two decades. I have two chapters devoted to first hand accounts of craps play. One is the full story of Pat DeMauroís 153-roll hand at Borgata in Atlantic City. That was a 5.6 billion to one event. Then I have a chapter on my team, The Five Horsemen (Dominator, Jerry "Stickman," John "Skinny," Nick-at-Night and me) taking on Vegas for a week. That chapter should give readers an idea of what it is like being an advantage craps player Ė it has the good and the bad. That is an exciting chapter.

Melissa: I see that Dominator is cited on the cover of this book.

Frank: Absolutely. He helped tremendously with all aspects of the information on controlled shooting and also the mental aspects of the game. He was invaluable. I mean the guy is, in my opinion, the best dice controller in the world. Who else should be involved in making sure all elements of dice control are laid out intelligently?

Melissa: Were any others involved with this book? Any other help?

Frank: Yes. Two other members of The Five Horsemen helped me a lot, Jerry "Stickman" and John "Skinny." Not only do I have adventures with these guys, but they are also experts at the game. Each read over the whole book and offered great advice.

Melissa: Would you say that this book is the only book you would ever need to read on craps?

Frank: Yes. To this point in craps literature, I think books have been merely elementary and almost all give silly advice on how to bet. Casino Craps: Shoot to Win! moves from the simple to the sophisticated. Itís a first.

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