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By Sammy Vaughn


Sammy Vaughn is a long-time successful tournament player, who finished first and won a million dollars in a Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament. In his column, Sammy writes about anything he damn well wants to write about.


Note: The story continues with Sam talking about his "sex education" with his new bartender friend (the Major). For Part 1 of this article, which appeared in the September issue of BJI, click here.

The Major and I did this same scene over again two more times that summer and fall, only with different women, some more than twice my years, and not all of them interested in my "education." I asked one prosperous looking lady why she stayed in such a cheap place, and she said, "An unescorted woman could not get a room on the Strip." I never figured out if that was true. You think??

On my last trip in í59, the Major said he was getting off work at noon, and wanted to know if I was interested to go with him for a steak and watch a football game on TV. I hesitated until he announced that he was buying. Say no more.

We drove in his car to a neighborhood not far from the casino, but I didnít quite know where I was 'cause I was half looped. But what I did see, I didnít like.

It looked like an old style home, no signs or lights or real parking lot. We went in and the football game was on TV as promised, but guys at the bar seemed more interested in each other than the game.

When they saw the "Major," several of "them" rushed over to greet him in a very un-manly fashion. One of them said, "And this is your new friend, who is??" I quickly finished his sentence and said, "Leaving!"

Before the Major could say anything. I went out the same way we came in. Yea my good Buddy the Major was a " Major Queen." In 1959 there were no gays. In the fifties you were "queer" or not. Strait was understood, if you were not a faggot. I now knew why the "Major" was no longer in the service (if he ever had been). He eventually followed me out of the house and took me back downtown. Later that afternoon I was standing on the corner waiting for my ride back to Dugway. It was very cold and my friends were very late. As it happened, my friends had an accident with their car in California and they didnít show up at all. I had to call home and ask for airfare because I had duty the next day.

If you thought my earlier remarks about the two dollar hookers was a joke, consider this...

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