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By Frank Scoblete

Alene Scoblete is the CEO of Paone Press, which sells gaming books and tapes at discount prices. She also writes for Her husband, Frank Scoblete, is the #1 best-selling gaming author in America. Frank’s books and tapes have sold over a million copies. His newest book is The Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution. His newest DVD is Golden Touch: Beat Craps Using a Controlled Throw! For a free brochure call: 1-800-944-0406 or write: Frank Scoblete Enterprises, Box 446, Malverne, NY 11565. Frank’s websites are, and


I saw my first Playboy magazine in the early 1960s when I was in development for manhood. The women in the pictures were tastefully undressed. I mean other than breasts, you really couldn’t figure out what women actually had hidden you know where.

I read the magazine in college. Yes, I read it…okay, and I looked at the pictures too. The women were still tastefully undressed. Those images became my ideal of what a woman should be.

After college, that was it for my men’s magazines era. To me, Playboy was a thing of the past, way back in the when of my youth, long gone.

Then I got the email from a Playboy writer Steve Talty, author of Empire of the Blue Water, who wanted to do a feature story on me and on my partner the Dominator for the magazine. He had read about our casino exploits, done some insider investigations, and realized this would make a great article, and that Dom and I were the people to go to.

He wasn’t quite sure about how to do the research though. That was simple. I told him to learn how to control the dice himself, and then come with the Five Horsemen (the name of our team) to Vegas and actually play with us at the tables for four or five days. Be a part of our group at the tables, at dinner, and during our walks. Get to know us. (By the way, our illustrious editor Henry Tamburin has played with Dom and me many, many times.) This would be a challenge for Steve and a challenge for us to show our stuff to an unbiased journalist.

So Playboy gave Steve the airfare to go to Dom’s home, which houses a full casino in the basement. We would teach him our Golden Touch method of dice control over the course of two days, send him home for a month to practice, and then we would meet him in our favorite luxury hotel. All of this, he will write about in his article I am sure.

So we gave Steve an intense two-day course in Dominator’s casino, made sure that he read Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! and then watched our DVD Beat Craps by Controlling the Dice. We gave him pointers on how to practice at home too. Without practice there is no such thing as dice control.

Well from this point on, the adventure will be in his article and I won’t usurp that. Suffice it to say, he saw us at our worst and at our best – which is a normal trip indeed. Being even an elite dice controller is like being an elite hitter in baseball; you have your good games and your bad games, but ultimately you bring home the money.

Oh, yeah, I did get to see a current issue of today’s Playboy. My Lord! The women are actually nude! Nothing is left to the imagination. Of course, these are still airbrushed models so they still aren’t real. But I will never let my sons get a copy…even though they are 32 and 29 years old.

The article will appear in the October issue, which will hit the newsstands in a week (on Sept. 9). Let me know what you think about Talty’s adventure in dice control.

Editor’s Note: Here’s the promo about the article that appears on

Shoot-Out in Vegas -- Meet the Five Horsemen: They ride into Sin City, sidle up to the craps table and legally take the casinos to the cleaners. Their secret? It's called dice control. After months of practicing his shooting, Stephan Talty plays sixth wheel with the high rollers as they try to bring down the house.




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