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By Joe Pane


Joe Pane is a skilled advantage blackjack player, and an experienced tournament player who has won lifetime over a million dollars in blackjack tournaments, including his recent first and third place finishes in tournaments sponsored by the IP in Biloxi, MS. Joe is the #1 ranked tournament player in the country and was named 2007 Player of the Year by Las Vegas Advisor publisher Anthony Curtis. In Joe's last 11 tournaments in 2007/2008, he made the final tables eight times and won two of them for an impressive 73% final table appearance rate with just over $225,000 won in the past 12 months. Joe is also the Assistant Director of Tour Operations for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT, as well as the Team UBT Coordinator. He is co-host of the radio show, "Queens vs. Kings Ė Itís All About Position" on His peers consider him to be one of the strongest blackjack tournament players on the circuit.


Editors Note: Bob Nersesian is a Las Vegas attorney who is famous for successfully defending the civil rights of advantage players (APs) from the often bullying and illegal tactics used by casinos to harass them. Nersesian is the author of the book, Beat The Players ( available here in the BJI store, 10% off retail). BJI subscribers submitted some of the following questions.


Are you required to have a government issued ID on you to play in a casino if itís clear that you are over the age of 21?

You are not required to have a government issued ID on you at any time, save for while driving. If you are under 21 and playing in a casino, youíre breaking the law. There is no law that says you have to have ID to play in a casino.

If a casino supervisor asks you for identification, do you have to show him?


If a casino supervisor asks you to stop playing and to come with him to the "back room," what should you do and say?

Say, no thank you, I was just leaving.

If the above scenario occurs, what is your best course of action?

(Remaining questions answered in the members article)

What should you do if casino security blocks your exit while you are attempting to peacefully leave the casino?

If a security guard "forcibly" tries to escort you to the back room, what should you do?

If you find yourself in the "back room" being interrogated, what should you say or do?

What is the difference between being backed-off and being trespassed?

If you are leaving the casino and the security guards are reading you the trespass act, but you neither respond to any of their question or sign any document in regards to this trespass reading, are you legally trespassed off the property, or must you have signed the form to acknowledge their intentions.

If you are 86th from a casino and 6 months later that same casino is sold to another individual or corporation are you still not allowed back on property?

I have been told that if you are just verbally read the trespass act and do not sign off on it that it is only valid for 6 months. Is this true, or just another advantage player false rumor?

If you are trespassed, what should you do?

Is it legal to carry and use a false ID in the casino?

If you are a staying in a comped room and the casino backs you off and asks you to immediately vacate your room, what should you do?

You find out that a flyer has been issued on you and it states you are a part of a professional BJ team when you arenít, nor never have been? What should you do?

Youíre playing in a BJ tournament and make it to the semi-final round. The pit boss approaches you and asks you to leave the casino? What should you do?

Youíve won a lot of money playing BJ and itís all on your person. Youíve got to go take a flight home, which means youíve got to go through airport security. What should you do with all the money you are carrying?

If casino security insists on interrogating you, should you ask them to call the local police?

The floor person tells you that you are only allowed to bet the table minimum while all the other players on your table can bet more. What should you do?

You have been asked to leave a casino and not return. Yet two months later, you receive an offer from the very same casino inviting you back for an offer/promotion/tournament. Should you accept the offer and return?

If a dealer pays you on a hand that was not a winner and a short time later the pit approaches you and insist that you return the money, are you legally bound to return the money?

If a sloppy dealer is exposing the hole card to you can you legally use that information to your advantage?

Can you also signal someone at the table about the information you can see from this sloppy dealer but they cannot?

Speaking of your book, "Beat the Players," how has its reception been?

Are you writing anything else?

Are you working on anything particularly interesting at this time?

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