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Who Really Wins with Blackjack, the Players or the Casino?

When visiting a casino online blackjack is the game that everyone flocks to. Out of all the games offered this game has the best odds of actually winning. The odds though always change in the fast paced card game. One thing that is for sure when playing the game one minute you are reaping the rewards and in a blink of an eye everything is gone again.


There is a basic strategy that you will need to master. Once it is mastered the odds are even better for each hand played. In order to win about 48 percent of the time (excluding ties), you have to know when to split or utilize the double down. Keep in mind though when betting online at the casinos they use multiple decks, but reshuffle after each round is dealt. This means there are generally six decks of cards for playing with.


When you have a hard 16 in your hand with just two cards this is when you should surrender the hand generally, against a dealer 9, 10 or ace. You want to surrender the hand at 16 since the odds are high you will lose anyway. There are not many casinos that offer this anymore, but if it is an option by all means utilize it.


The best strategy you can come to the table with is to know all about the game rules and understanding exactly how it is played. Casinos rely on beginners that do not understand what is the correct playing strategy. They would really prefer to have beginners all around the tables, than players that know how to win.


If you are coming to the tables thinking you will become rich, think again. Blackjack is a game of chance so there is no guarantee that a huge amount of money will be won. Remember it is not only about chance, but knowing good playing strategy and when to leave the table.


When playing at an online casino choosing the right table can be more of a challenge. Some things you need to know:

  • Play faster
  • Odds are better knowing the correct playing strategy
  • 50% gain means cash out
  • Set a win limit
  • Know when to cash out

When you are winning at blackjack the longer you sit there and play the higher the odds become that you will lose all the winnings plus some. Have a plan in place so you know when to get up from the table so the house does not leave you broke. Click here to learn more about playing blackjack online

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