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How to Play Online Blackjack in the US Legally

Blackjack is without doubt one of the most popular and enduring card games ever invented, with a long and interesting history stretching back centuries. The game is still as popular today and probably even more so thanks to advent of the internet. Online casinos have helped spread the game of blackjack to more countries around the world than ever before.

In the United States, blackjack is the most played casino game of all time, enjoyed by millions of visitors to Las Vegas and Atlantic City annually. However, when it comes to playing blackjack online, many US players are sceptical and unsure of how legal it is, which is mainly due to bill such as the UIGEA bill passed in 2006. We take a closer look at how you can play blackjack online in the US legally as well as show you the ropes in our easy online blackjack guide for US players.

A Brief Look at UIGEA and what it means for you

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or UIGEA for short was passed in the US in 2006 with many interesting results and consequences. Before the passing of this act, US gamblers could enjoy playing online blackjack online at any online casino that offered it. However, after the passing of UIGEA things began to change quite significantly.

After UIGEA was passed, many top international online casinos decided to exit the US online casino market altogether, and this is where the confusion surrounding UIGEA really started to happen. Most US blackjack players believed that because most international online casino brands had decided to exist the US online casino market that it automatically meant that it was illegal to play online blackjack (for real money) in the US.

Heres something that might shock and amaze you! It is actually not illegal for US gamblers to play online blackjack in the US. Why? Because the UIGEA law has nothing to do with the legality of playing online blackjack, it just ensures that certain specific financial transactions to do with online gambling are illegal, including the proceeds of illegal gambling. Moreover, the UIGEA act does not affect actual US blackjack players either. The act only focuses on companies that try to process those financial transactions (including credit card companies and banks) which have been deemed as illegal.

How This Works for US Blackjack Players

The fact of the matter is that all of the best online blackjack sites are not based in the United States, but in other territories such as Malta, Europe and Scandinavia. Another reason why most blackjack players in the US believed the myth that online blackjack was illegal with the US was because the government believed that international online casinos were violating international law by offering online gambling to US citizens. However, they did not succeed in winning that battle in a court of law.

The main reason for the exit of so many top international online casinos from the US online casino market was based on their concern that UIGEA would make it too difficult for US players to process financial transactions (casino deposits and withdrawals). Indeed, many top financial institutions did pull the plug on processing these transactions for US players in an effort to avoid any consequences or fallout from UIGEA rulings.

Now You Know

So, now that you know the truth about playing online blackjack legally in the US, you can go ahead and begin to explore your options. There are great online blackjack options for US players and you can have a lot of fun learning how to beat them online with cool tactics and gambling principles. Just be sure to pick an online casino that offers US-friendly payment options that actually work and that have a solid reputation with a track record to match.

If you are new to online blackjack, it might be a good idea to learn the ropes a bit first, before attempting to play the game online for real money. Blackjack is a fun and rewarding card game with plenty of variations to suit all styles and preferences, with plenty of free blackjack games where you can practice good blackjack strategies and become the master of online blackjack in the US.

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