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BlackJack Tips: Your Eyes Might Be Causing You To Lose

Blackjack has been around for a long time; in fact, a precursor of blackjack was first referenced in the beginning of the 17th century, though it was probably played a long time before that. The person that first referenced the game was none other than the famed novelist, Miguel de Cervantes. It seems he was an avid player. One could imagine what he would think of the game now. What would he think of those free no deposit casino blackjack games or how players are now being carefully studied? Yes, apparently the eyes of a blackjack player can reveal a lot about a player's hand. This can cause a gamer to lose a game.

How Eyes and Blackjack are Linked

Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, and it makes sense that it is additive. There is no denying that it is a hard game to win, and you may lose a few times in your life.

It is possible that you have tried a few strategies to improve your game, such as improving your blackjack face to hide your reactions. The goal is to try to get the best odds you can when you play, but a researcher found that your eyes could be giving your chances away. The study was performed by an assistant professor of psychology in Colorado College. The person's name was Kevin Holmes.

Holmes' study found that players with high-value cards usually look to the right, and players with low value cards look to their left. This was a subconscious reaction, and it was across the board. The players were at various skill levels, yet they still fell victim to this tell-sign.

Holmes and his team continued to evaluate the odd eye reactions to try to uncover the reason why so many blackjack players seemed to have this in common. The team remembered that the mind actually uses a mentally-formed numeric line whenever calculating an arithmetic problem in the head. The eyes are simply following the number line as they perform the blackjack problem, moving their eyes to the left when subtracting or right when adding. This means that other players may already know your hand is too big by looking at your eyes.

Tips to Stop This Phenomena

You do not want the people you are playing with to know what you have been dealt, but what can you do to ensure your eyes are not betraying you? This task requires a mirror, patience, and a lot of practice. The key is to train your eyes to stay neutral when you are counting down or up. Or you want to start to consciously focus your stare towards a particular point to try to keep everyone from guessing what your hand may hold.

Holmes and his team did not make any attempts at learning how the results they found could help a player become better, but at least you know about it and could work to rectify it. Hopefully, this helps you become a better player and win more games.

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